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Why Enrol my Child at Kids & Us?

  1. Dedicated and trained/qualified teaching staff.
  2. Open throughout the year from 07h00 until 17h15 on Mondays to Fridays. Our staff work full day including all school holidays and thus providing extra stability and security to the children. This prevents children being subjected to different venues, premises and staff each day.
  3. Daily educational programme - provides security for the children.
  4. Bright, sunny and well ventilated classrooms.
  5. Good intercom security and children are only permitted to depart with adults that are stipulated on the application form.
  6. All basic health requirements adhered to every day.
  7. Classes divided into age groups to enhance developmental stages - 14 months – 6 years.
  8. Registered for 50 children
  9. Smaller number of children per class permits personalised attention and yet a suitable number of children to provide social and emotional development.
  10. Spacious indoor and outdoor facilities for learning and playing.
  11. Modern and continually updated, well maintained facilities.
  12. Quality and sufficient equipment available for all the children at all times.
  13. Children are provided with ALL the different activities available and not just simply drawing and painting - marble rolling, collage, feather painting, charcoal drawings, etc (approximately 80 different activities).
  1. Registration and membership awarded by the Pre-School Care Association. Membership is not purchased but awarded to top quality Educare and Pre-Schools.
  2. Membership of P.S.C.A. offers on going upgrading and in-service training for staff.
  3. A variety OF A BALANCED, COOKED meal provided every day. Our quality food and meals are tried and tested, adding smiles to many faces. Pudding provided twice a week as a treat.
  4. Included in the fee structure, we provide daily fruit, tissues, toilet paper and soap.
  5. Staff members MAY NOT verbally, mentally or physically abuse any child.
  6. The teacher/child ratio is correct at all times.
  7. We have a very successful "time out" period for children requiring discipline as children are not smacked, beaten or sent to isolated areas.
  8. As a registered school we are subjected to regular health inspections.
  9. Extra mural activities provided such as ballet, high energy dancing, swimming, playball, Rugga Kids, monkeynastix etc.
  10. Children are treated to excursions and attendance at the various school plays.
  11. Kids & Us tracksuits and t-shirts available.
  12. A home away from home where learning is fun.

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